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Introducing Fresubin® PRO COMPACT Drink


We are pleased to begin 2024 by introducing the latest addition to our oral nutritional supplements (ONS) range, Fresubin PRO COMPACT Drink.
Fresubin PRO COMPACT Drink is a 2.4 kcal/ml, high protein (24% energy) low volume ONS.
Available in 3 palatable flavours, Vanilla, Cappuccino, and Apricot-Peach, Fresubin PRO COMPACT Drink has shown good palatability and compliance (96%) in a patient acceptability study.1

ONS which are low volume, energy dense, ready to drink, and palatable, can support compliance and can help to stimulate nutritional intake.2
Fresubin PRO COMPACT Drink contains:

  • 300 kcal and 18g of high-quality milk protein with 1.8 g leucine per bottle.
  • Leucine supplementation is useful to address the age-related decline in muscle mass in elderly individuals. 3
  • High in calcium and vitamin D. Adequate protein, calcium and vitamin D may significantly contribute to improve functionality and to reduce falls and fracture risk in advanced age.4

For more information or to order samples of Fresubin PRO COMPACT Drink please click here.

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