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  1. How do I place a sample order?
    Healthcare professionals can use our Direct to Patient Sample Service to get Fresubin samples delivered to patients’ homes.
  2. Do I need to create an account?
    You will need to create an account when your order Fresubin samples, this will allow you to track the sample orders that you have placed, and remember your details so you can use the service easily again in the future.
  3. What is the delivery lead time for the samples?
    Our Fresubin samples can be delivered UK-wide. We offer free delivery in 24 hours for UK mainland (including the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man) and 48 hours Scottish Highlands, and Western Isles.
  4. Do you offer next-day delivery?
    For sample orders placed before 12 noon, we offer a next-day delivery service for UK Mainland deliveries. During bank holidays, these timings may differ, so please keep this in mind when placing an order.
  5. What is included in the sample order?
    Your patient will receive the samples selected as well as the Patient Information Leaflet containing product information and some recipe ideas that can be used in a variety of foods, drinks, and smoothies. A shaker is also sent with all powder nutritional supplement samples.
  6. What if I have not received part of my order?
    If there are any issues concerning your order. You can reach the team via ddl.group@nhs.net or contact them directly on +44 151 363 5842 with your order number and issue.
  7. How do I know you have received my order?
    Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation with a summary of your order, delivery details, and tracking details.
  8. Can I make a change to my order e.g. delivery address?
    If you wish to change any details of your sample order, please contact DDL directly on +44 151 363 5842 as soon as possible to make the necessary changes.
  9. How do I cancel my order?
    If the samples are no longer needed or the patient changes their mind and you wish to cancel the order, please get in touch with DDL as soon as possible at ddl.group@nhs.net.
  10. Can patients order samples?
    The Fresubin Sample Service is only for use by Healthcare Professionals.
    Please speak with your healthcare professional about trying Fresubin product samples, they will be able to guide and let you try the right product based on your nutritional requirements.
  11. Can I order a Fresubin shaker?
    Yes, Fresubin shakers can be ordered separately should you need one. Note that each powdered product sample pack contains one shaker.
  12. Can I have samples sent to me rather than my patient?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to send samples to you directly as this is a direct to Patient Sample Service.
    Should you require samples to hold on-site, please contact your local Fresenius Representative or get in touch with our team at +44 1928 533 533.
  13. How do I get to know if the samples that I requested for my patient have been delivered?
    We send tracking details for each request to you via email, if you haven’t received this, please check your spam/junk email folder for the tracking details. Alternatively, if you are unable to find the email please contact the team on +44 1513 633686 and they will happily track the delivery for you.
  14. Who is my local Fresenius Representative?
    If you don’t know who your local Fresenius representative is please contact us on +44 1928 533 533 or email us at salesadmin-uk@fresenius-kabi.com and we can provide this information for you.
  15. I have a question about your Fresubin products, who can I contact please?
    For Fresenius Kabi enteral nutrition product enquiries please contact Scientific Affairs on +44 1928 533516 or email Scientific.affairsUK@fresenius-kabi.com and one of our Dietitians will be able to help you.  For enquiries relating to enteral nutrition homecare e.g. patient deliveries/ orders please contact Patient Services on 0808 100 1990 or email Homecareenteral@fresenius-kabi.com . For more information on products, please visit our Scientific Affairs FAQs guide here